Trauma informed care

You may be considering pregnancy or perhaps are already pregnant but aware that you are affected by past experiences. I have experience working with clients with a variety of past experience, including sexual trauma, domestic violence, birth trauma and more.

The NHS recognises the importance of continuity of midwifery care from a mindful practitioner, but sadly not all areas are yet able to confidently and consistently provide optimal care.

The style of care I offer, predominantly in your own home, can be powerful in maintaining your sense of control and agency.
If hospital attendance is needed, for scans or other appointments, or for the birth itself, I can normally accompany you as your advocate and supporter.

I offer a free initial phone or video call for us to explore what style of care and support would suit you best. I recognise and respect the “chemistry” of relationships and so suggest that if you feel you may want to work with me I then make a visit to you at home to discuss your preferences further, without obligation to book my services.

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