Perinatal hospice care

If your baby is found to have a condition which is means that their life after birth is likely to be short, you are likely to find that termination of pregnancy is suggested. Whilst this is a legal option which some may feel is the right course of action for them and their baby, for others taking action to end your baby’s life is unacceptable.

Your decision may be informed by faith teachings, your own moral code or simply feeling that you prefer to wait with your baby and allow the natural course of events to unfold.

“Perinatal hospice” is not a place, it is a concept - caring for babies and their families when life after birth is expected to be short due to complex medical conditions. A process of parallel planning, acknowledging the expected outcome, but seeking the very best experience in the time available both before and after birth, for babies and parents.

I was honoured to be involved in working with Together for Short Lives in the development of a national strategy document: View Document

I am also recognised as a perinatal hospice care by the international Perinatal Hospice organisation:

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