Fetal medicine concerns

If you have been told that your baby’s growth and development differs from what is expected, this can be very difficult to process. It can be difficult for anyone to tell you with certainty how this difference will affect your child. Some difference has no functional significance, some is devastating it it’s effect.

Often we have to wait and watch as the pregnancy progresses to gather more information.
Sometimes such difference will raise the question of whether you wish to continue the pregnancy.

Such a question is not one that most people have thought about in advance. Everyone will have their own perspective on such a situation, and there are no easy or absolute answers.

Sometimes the difference is something you feel you can accept, but society may demonstrate prejudice. Sometimes you can be faced with the knowledge that your child will require very major surgery soon after birth. Sometimes no surgery is possible and the child’s life is expected to be short – please see perinatal hospice care (link) for more information.

Issues that I have supported families with have included:

  • chromosomal variants such as Downs;
  • Edwards and Patau’s syndromes;
  • rare genetic syndromes including Joubert and Jeune syndromes;
  • spina bifida;
  • anencephaly;
  • Potter’s syndrome/renal agenesis;
  • congenital cardiac conditions;
  • structural brain abnormalities;
  • exomphalos;
  • missing limbs or limb abnormalities;
  • and many more.

I offer specialist support, explaining the facts, exploring options and expected outcomes and advocating for you and your child, according to your beliefs and personal preferences.

I support those who end their pregnancy as well as those who continue.
In either situation I can provide continuity of care throughout the pregnancy, to it’s conclusion and beyond.

I will always try to respond very quickly if you feel that your need for help and guidance is urgent this will often be within 24 hours.

An initial phone conversation is always free, with packages of ongoing care and support according to your particular needs.
I aim to offer reduced rates in cases of financial need, relying on people’s integrity that this is not taken advantage of.

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