Care in complex pregnancy

When issues for you or your baby mean that there are complex decisions and planning to be undertaken, often several (or many) specialists can be involved.

You may have a multiple pregnancy (greater than twins), a baby who is “different” (a chromosomal issue such as Downs or Edwards syndrome or a structural issue such as spina bifida or a congenital heart problem) or perhaps you have a disability or significant health issue.

You may find that you have multiple appointments with specialists, who each address a particular aspect of the situation.
The NHS has many world class specialists available, but the challenge can be to ensure that you see the right person at the right time and that the various parts are carefully integrated.

I have broad experience of such multi-disciplinary working and a wide network of contacts.
I can provide all the usual aspects of midwifery care, ensuring that the fundamentals of care do not get overlooked because of the focus on the issue of concern.

For those facing complex issues, standard antenatal classes can feel inappropriate and so I provide a bespoke package of education and preparation to meet your specific interests and needs.

An initial phone conversation is always free, with packages of ongoing care and support according to your particular needs. I aim to offer reduced rates in cases of financial need, relying on people’s integrity that this is not taken advantage of.

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