Croydon Midwifery

Most women from Croydon will be registered for maternity care at Croydon University Hospital.

There is a neonatal unit at this hospital, providing care for sick or premature babies.

Angie can accompany you when attending Croydon University Hospital:
  • For an ultrasound scan if you are worried about the possible findings
  • If you are having an invasive test (CVS or amniocentesis)
  • To meet with obstetric specialists to discuss your physical care in pregnancy and type of birth
  • To meet with fetal medicine specialists to discuss concerns about your baby (this may be at St Georges or Kings College Hospital in London)
  • To meet with neonatal specialists to plan the care your baby may need after birth
  • In labour and at the birth
  • For care after the birth

If you need to meet with a specialist fetal medicine specialists to discuss concerns about your baby or to have an invasive test (CVS or amniocentesis) you will probably be referred to St Georges hospital fetal medicine unit. Angie can accompany you for appointments at St Georges hospital.

If your baby’s life is expected to be short it may be appropriate to consider referral to Shooting Star children’s hospice. Angie can support you in considering this and refer you if necessary. She can accompany you to visit Shooting Star House, Hampton to find out more about the services they can offer your family, liaise between your hospital and Shooting Star, and is able to visit women at the hospices to provide post natal care.

Angie has links with many services and organisations in the Croydon area, enabling her to introduce you to the people and services you may need on your journey through a complex pregnancy and beyond.