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Angie Bowles 

I am a qualified midwife, nurse and counsellor.  Having worked for several years as a specialist midwife in the NHS, first in the bereavement service and later responsible for antenatal screening and fetal medicine services,  I retired early from the NHS to establish Walking With you, a specialist midwifery service.

Based on the meaning of midwifery as being “with woman”, my aim is to walk with women/couples as they navigate antenatal tests and the potentially very complex issues that arise from them. This ranges from deciding whether to have a particular test to dealing with the life changing news that your unborn baby has severe health challenges or the loss of a very much loved and wanted baby.



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​”Whilst I loved working in the NHS, the multiple demands often made it difficult to give the time and uninterrupted space which I believe families need when faced with very complex information and the need to make life changing decisions. I realised that my passion is creating safe space for people to make their own decisions, based on their specific life circumstances and belief system. I feel that walking with you as you make and then enact your decision is an honour. Whatever your baby’s issues, that little life (and the dreams that you had invested in it) is worthy of the greatest respect.

​I am not seeking to replace the services already provided within the NHS, and work in conjunction with NHS providers. This is to ensure that you and your baby can access the full range of healthcare services which may be needed. 

What I offer is an additional service, which incorporates elements from both midwifery and counselling. Fundamentally my role can morph and develop according to a particular situation without complex organisational issues getting in the way. Much of my time is spent talking with families, being present as a support as they walk this complicated path.

My extensive background in this field of work and my expert contacts enable me to provide you with clear information and to suggest options for you and your child. I undertake prenatal care, helping you to get to know your baby, listen to his/her heartbeat and so on. I support families in discussions with other professionals, working to create an understanding of how you choose to parent your baby. I provide support in labour and at the time of birth (or termination of pregnancy), but unfortunately current insurance restrictions on independent midwives mean that I am not able to be the one to actually deliver your baby.

If your baby’s condition means that he/she may have a limited life after birth (or may not be strong enough to live until birth) we can work together to find ways to celebrate the time you do have together and to prepare for the especially precious moments which you may have together. 

When your pregnancy ends, a new chapter begins and I offer services ranging from “routine” postnatal care to providing care following death of a baby, perhaps combining postnatal care for the woman and helping organise a service of celebration and commemoration of your baby’s life.

​Pregnancy after loss, or where there are complications such as a high chance of inherited health conditions, can lead to very complicated feelings and high anxiety. The support of an experienced midwife who offers continuity of care can be hugely valuable and avoid the need to continually explain your circumstances to new staff.

I am blessed to have three children of my own, and two step daughters, who are all now independent adults. I am also a proud grandmother. I have been married to Paul since 1990.

​Whilst having no formal religious affiliation, I consider myself to be a respectful,  open minded and spiritual person. I have wide experience working with families from different faiths (and none).

​I find great joy and comfort in the natural world, and will often be found walking, running or horse riding on the South Downs or further afield, as a form of meditation, an opportunity for reflection and to recharge my batteries. I have learned that walking and talking in wonderful places can be a very powerful way to unlock what is deeply within us, and will gladly literally go walking with you if you wish.

I am registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) to practise as both a midwife and a nurse. I am a member of the Royal College of Midwifery and the Royal College of Nursing. I hold professional indemnity insurance for my independent practice.”

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