Pregnancy loss and pregnancy after loss

Pregnancy loss, at any stage of pregnancy, can be a disorientating, lonely and frightening experience. If you have just learned that your baby has died and you need urgent advice, information or support, please know that you can phone me. Anytime.

Pregnancy after loss (or multiple losses) can be extremely challenging as you navigate the balance of excitement, fear and ongoing grief.
As both a midwife and a counsellor I can walk with you, providing continuity of care during your pregnancy and beyond.

Clients say that this continuity is invaluable, they do not have to repeat their story or explain why they are fearful. The time of birth and the early days bring their own complex emotions. We can talk about this in advance and plan to deal with potential triggers and memories, recognising the place in your family of the one(s) who couldn’t stay.

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