Pregnancy After Loss Support Package

If you have experienced the loss of a baby, through miscarriage, termination for abnormality, stillbirth or death after birth, contemplating another pregnancy can be complicated and frightening.

Being pregnant after such an experience has been described to Angie as “walking a tightrope between excitement and joy and extreme fear and panic”.

Angie offers services ranging from one-off pre-pregnancy consultations through to full continuity of care packages for subsequent pregnancies.

Many people seek additional support until they have passed the point in pregnancy when the issue was identified in the previous pregnancy and then return to the usual NHS pathway of care. Others feel that they want an independent midwife to provide continuity throughout their pregnancy and at the birth.

Angie believes that committing to and loving a new baby in no way diminishes your love for the baby who is no longer with you. By acknowledging the change that the previous baby has made to your life, and recognising that as you celebrate new life you will also be grieving for the one who has gone, means that you honour the uniqueness and inter-relatedness of each life.

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