Considering Termination for Abnormality

If your baby is facing very serious health issues, you may feel that ending the pregnancy is appropriate.

Angie has worked with many families who had never expected to make such a decision, but faced with the specific issues find themselves considering it. Other families feel that they simply could not provide a life for the child that they feel to be “good enough”, or that the level of suffering that could be predicted for their child would be unacceptable.

Angie combines her specialist midwifery and counselling skills to work with you to explore your feelings and beliefs and to confront the very complex moral, ethical and spiritual dilemmas which impact on such decisions. As parents you have to make a huge decision on behalf of your child.

Angie believes that every situation is unique and there are no right or wrong answers. Her aim is to ensure that you reach a well informed decision, made out of love and taken in the best interests of your baby.

If you decide to end the pregnancy, Angie is able to offer a support package specific to your needs, providing support through (and after) the ending of your pregnancy.

Related conditions: anencephaly, spina bifida, hypoplastic left heart, bilateral renal agenesis (Potters syndrome), chromosomal/genetic conditions, limb abnormalities.

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