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The news that your baby may have a significant health problem is devastating and disorientating.

This can arise at any point in pregnancy, but is most commonly at the time of the routine scans in the first and second trimester.

Sometimes it is possible for the effects of an issue to be predicted with a high degree of certainty, so it may be almost certain that a baby’s life after birth would be very short or very seriously compromised. In other cases, there can be a concern (perhaps about abnormal appearance on an ultrasound scan) but it is not possible to clarify the exact issue or what the effect on the baby’s life might be.

Angie can spend time with you as you develop your understanding of what the implications of your baby’s issues might be. She will never presume to tell you what you should do, but will provide information and support as you negotiate this path. Angie will support you to make decisions about what you believe to be the most appropriate way forward to you and your baby, respecting your unique circumstances including personal beliefs, moral code, family issues and so on. These complex situations have no simple “right” answers. Angie has worked with a great many families facing such situations, and is clear that every situation is unique.

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