“Carrying to term” midwifery care 

If your baby has been found to have health issues which mean that he/she is unlikely to survive birth, you may have been encouraged to end the pregnancy.

Such a decision is not right for everyone, and you may wish to continue your pregnancy and wait for the natural course of events to unfold. This may, or may not, be informed by faith teachings.

Angie has worked with families who have chosen this path in widely varying circumstances, and believes that with good quality support this can be a positive choice for some families.

If you are continuing your pregnancy knowing that your baby is likely to die before or very soon after birth, Angie can offer a full package of midwifery care to support you and to advocate for you and your baby to ensure that you receive the best possible care.

She will also support you to use this precious time shared with your baby, making memories and honouring the time you have together.

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