As a specialist, caring midwife for over 25 years, Angie has a wide range of experience when it comes to offering services to pregnant women & famililies.

Information Regarding Antenatal Testing

In the UK all women are offered a number of screening tests in pregnancy. Some women feel they need more.

It is important to understand that the initial tests offered to everyone by the NHS are “screening” tests, not “diagnostic” tests. This means that they do not give a definite answer about your baby’s health, instead they are used to try to identify those who are at higher chance of particular conditions so that more specific tests can then be offered.

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Decision making support & counselling

NIPT stands for Non Invasive Prenatal Testing. This is an area of major development in pregnancy care, but it is generally used to refer to a test for these three conditions which are the most common chromosomal issues to affect live-born babies.

Walking With You provides a much more comprehensive service. Angie will explore your thoughts about what the test offers and might mean for you, ensuring that you understand the implications and limitations of testing. 

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Considering Termination for Abnormality

If your baby is facing very serious health issues, you may feel that ending the pregnancy is appropriate.

Angie has worked with many families who had never expected to make such a decision, but faced with the specific issues find themselves considering it. Other families feel that they simply could not provide a life for the child that they feel to be “good enough”, or that the level of suffering that could be predicted for their child would be unacceptable.

Angie combines her specialist midwifery and counselling skills to work with you to explore your feelings and beliefs and to confront the very complex moral, ethical and spiritual dilemmas which impact on such decisions. As parents you have to make a huge decision on behalf of your child.

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“Carrying to term” midwifery care

If your baby has been found to have health issues which mean that he/she is unlikely to survive birth, you may have been encouraged to end the pregnancy.

Such a decision is not right for everyone, and you may wish to continue your pregnancy and wait for the natural course of events to unfold. This may, or may not, be informed by faith teachings.

Angie has worked with families who have chosen this path in widely varying circumstances, and believes that with good quality support this can be a positive choice for some families.

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Perinatal Hospice Care

If your baby’s lifetime is expected to be limited by health issues, perinatal hospice is care which starts before birth and informs decisions about care after birth.

It is a concept rather than being a place.

Most people are aware of hospice care for adults, usually associating it with end of life care for people with advanced cancer. Children’s hospices are designed to ensure that short lives are the very best they can be and are places filled with love and laughter as children share precious time with their families. They also provide support to families caring for their children at home.

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“Preparing for difference” midwifery

If you know that your baby is affected by a condition which will profoundly affect their life, perhaps requiring major surgery shortly after birth, Angie offers a continuity of care package to support you and to help you prepare.

NHS provision can often mean that you meet many different midwives during pregnancy, labour and birth. Parents have told Angie that this can feel that they are repeatedly having to explain their situation, and sometimes feel that they know more about their baby’s issues than the midwife does, and that they are supporting her, rather than the midwife supporting them.

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Support for Families Experiencing Stillbirth

You may have found your way to this website after being told that your baby has died before being born. The pain of this is indescribable. 

Or you may be a family member who is searching for a way to help a woman/couple facing this news. Having continuity of care from a specialist midwife with extensive experience of such heartbreaking situations, can make the experience a little more manageable.

Whenever possible, Angie will make herself available to visit you within a few hours of your call. She offers both midwifery care and counselling and has worked within the NHS as a specialist bereavement support midwife.

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Group B strep (GBS) testing

GBS can occasionally cause serious infection in newborn babies. Many women carry the GBS bacteria at time sin the life and it is not harmful to them. It can however be harmful to a baby if it is active in the mother at the time of birth.

Routine screening is not yet a standard practice in the NHS, although it may be picked up as a chance finding.

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Pregnancy After Loss Support Package

If you have experienced the loss of a baby, through miscarriage, termination for abnormality, stillbirth or death after birth, contemplating another pregnancy can be complicated and frightening.

Being pregnant after such an experience has been described to Angie as “walking a tightrope between excitement and joy and extreme fear and panic”.

Angie offers services ranging from one-off pre-pregnancy consultations through to full continuity of care packages for subsequent pregnancies.

Many people seek additional support until they have passed the point in pregnancy when the issue was identified in the previous pregnancy and then return to the usual NHS pathway of care. Others feel that they want an independent midwife to provide continuity throughout their pregnancy and at the birth.

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One off antenatal consultations

Do you have questions about pregnancy and birth, perhaps about your options? Not sure who to ask?

Angie offers one-off consultations in your home, at a time to suit you, in which she will answer your questions, offer information  and help you to make sense of the information and often conflicting advice that you may have been offered.

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